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DYI Tractors



All Star Rents has tractors of various sizes for doing hundreds of jobs and projects. Tractors are for more than just digging dirt. We have attachments for our tractors that allow you to save time and money by being more productive. Check out our extensive selection…

Tractor Options


The tractor for everyone…Bobcat. This versatile machine is easy to use and extremely productive. A favorite for contractors because of its maneuverability makes this tractor equally favored by homeowners because it is so easy to operate. This full sized unit requires a full size (3/4 ton) truck to transport or we can deliver it. We also carry one that can get through many side gates and can be towed by a ½ ton truck. The tracked unit must be delivered on our truck.

We have various sizes and attachments for Bobcats such as:

  • Post Hole Auger
  • Concrete Breaker
  • Grapple Bucket (for grabbing debris like broken concrete)
  • Pallet Forks
  • 4 in 1 bucket


The Kubota tractor line is also very popular. While not the aggressive digging machine the Bobcat is, the Kubota line offers features and benefits that are equally impressive. The standard set comes with a bucket on the front and a "box scraper" on the back. This makes for an excellent grading machine…good for leveling and moving dirt around in a large area. The front bucket can dig but is more designed for transferring loose dirt.

The Kubota line offers other attachments as well. In addition to the grading box we also offer:

  • Backhoe attachment (pictured)
  • Mower Deck – for tackling large areas with tall weeds
  • Tiller (mow first if weeds are knee high or taller!)
  • Disc – an alternative to tilling…great for fire breaks.


The next size up...Our John Deere and Case Backhoes and Skip Loaders. These machines are for contractors and homeowners doing serious dirt moving, grading and dirt digging projects. All machines come standard with 4 in 1 buckets and 4 wheel drive. The backhoes have options from 12" to 36" buckets. The skip loaders have "Gannon" grading boxes with rippers. Quality John Deere and Case products mean you will get a tractor built to work hard and be reliable. These machines are delivered directly to your job site. We can even deliver the night before so you can get started first thing in the morning.


We also carry John Deere 650 and 700 Dozers. Just the right size for a multitude of dirt moving projects. Excellent for grading, clearing land, cutting ditches, etc. This machine is delivered to your job ready for some serious work. Call in advance for reservations to make sure the machine you need is available.


Things to Know...

  • All daily tractor rentals are good for 24 hours. Within that 24 hour period you can put up to 8 hours on the machine. A weekly rental will give you up to 40 hours in a 7 day period.
  • Tires are the renter’s responsibility. While most of our Bobcat products have solid tires…most of the other tractors have air filled tires. Check your site for nails and other debris that could cause damage.
  • Be careful when operating any tractor on a slope. Refer to the Operator Manual for more safety instructions.

Rental Information & Instructions

Click below to access the available rental options for your nearest location in our equipment catalog. You can find equipment instruction sheets under each product’s detailed listing or click HERE for an alphabetical listing of all instruction sheets.